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Monday to Saturday



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Gobova juha

Krvavica,pečenica repa zelje

Pire krompir



Ajdovi žganci 


Jelenov golaž,polenta



Dnevna juha

Kurji srčki s suho češpljo in slanino

Zelenjavni pire



Porova juha

Ocvrti sir, ocvrt krompir

Peteršiljeva majoneza



Jota s suhim mesom

Nova prijava na obvestila o dnevnih kosilih po odredbi GDPR

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Welcome to our website!


In the part of Kranj, called "Primskovo", there is a pleasant nook with and old-fashioned inn and pizzeria housed behind the co-op building that reminds you of the times past and your forgotten childhood. We are expecting you in a relaxing, rustic atmosphere which will slow down your pace and satisfy your appetite by good service and tasty local cuisine.




From our offer



Highly recommended are specialities made with ingredients from Slovenian woods, fields and waters like freshwater salmon, pike, perch, trout, foal steak, medallion or beefsteak, venison salami and smoked ham and so on...


srnajkovostegno nabodalavomaki

Duck from the owen                                                                 Pheasant skewers in soja sauce